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    Potential energy surface of fluoroxene: experiment and theory

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    Knows the people behind the laboratory work

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    Biomolecules, Tropane alkaloids, Nicatinoicis, Vanillin and derivates, Norbomanes and Sugars

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    FT_MW spectometres and ultrafast laser vaporization


Welcome to the official website of the Spectroscopy Group at the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU).

Our main research activities focus on the characterization of molecules by microwave spectroscopy. The state-of-the-art rotational spectroscopy techniques available allow to investigate in isolate phase conformers and clusters, and deep in the structural properties with a high level of sensitivity and accuracy. The main research topics include: biomolecules, molecular recognition, astrochemistry.

Here you can get more information about our research projects and also about our latest publication.

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