Our research about Degradation Mechanism and Relative Stability of Methylammonium Halide Based Perovskites accepted in ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces Journal

The correct identification of all gases released during hybrid perovskite degradation is of great significance to develop strategies to extend the lifespan of any device based on this semiconductor. CH3X (X = Br/I) is a released degradation gas/low boiling point liquid arising from methylammonium (MA+) based perovskites, which has been …

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Our research about Competing Dispersive Interactions accepted in JPCL

Modern structural studies of biologically relevant molecules require an exhaustive interplay between experiment and theory. In this work, we present two examples where a poor choice of the theoretical method led to a misinterpretation of experimental results. We do that by performing a rotational spectroscopy study on two large and …

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