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Emilio J. Cocinero is elected president of JIQ

During XI Simposio de Investigadores Jóvenes RSEQ – Sigma Aldrich ended up voting to elect the new Board of the Specialized Group of Young Chemist Researchers (JIQ), Emilio J. Cocinero will be the new President and Board is composed of:


PRESIDENT: Emilio J. Cocinero Pérez (UPV-EHU)

VICEPRESIDENT: Rafael Juárez Martin (URJC)

VICEPRESIDENT: Ceballos Jesus Torres (URJC)

SECRETARY: Fernando Gomollón Bel (ISQCH, CSIC-UZ)

TREASURER: Maria del Carmen Ruiz Delgado (UMA)

VOCAL: Arantzazu Gonzalez Campo (ICMAB)

VOCAL: Pau Farràs (Newcastle University)

VOCAL: Belén Fernández López (UGR)

VOCAL: Silvia Cabrera Herranz (UAM)

VOCAL: Montserrat Lopez Vallejo (UVA)

VOCAL: Adrian Bogeat Barroso (UNEX)

VOCAL: Maria Dolores Lopez Bueno (ICMAB)

CocineroPhoto: Emilio J. Cocinero, new Presiendent of JIQ


Jens-Uwe Grabow and Sonia Melandri gave two talks

Prof. Jens-Uwe Grabow  (University of Hannover) and Sonia Melandri (University of Bologne) gave two great talks at the Physichal Chemistry Department. We could enjoy of their visits for one week.

Monste got her Ph. D. dissertation

Congratulations to Montserrat Vallejo-López, who passed her Ph.D. dissertation with top qualifications last September 26. The evaluation committee included J.-U. Grabow (Hannover), S. Melandri (Bologna), J. A. Fernández (Bilbao), J. L. Domenech (CSIC-Madrid) and S. Blanco (Valladolid). Montse spent the last four years In Valladolid. She did sevaral visits to Bilbao and left a great impression. Good luck for the future!


Iciar, Monste, Alberto and Emilio in HRMS2014 – Bologna

The High-Resolution Molecular Spectroscopy (HRMS2014) meeting in Bologna was a success, with more attendants than ever. Congratulations to Prof. Walther Caminati and his team for the organization of this event. Alberto Lesarri and gave a plenary talk. Montse Vallejo, Iciar Uriarte and Emilio J. Cocinero also gave talks. Iciar got one of the Pliva prizes to the best student presentation. Several other Spanish researchers attended the meeting. Next conference will be organized by Prof. Urban in Prague in 2016 (August 30th-September 3rd, 2016).


Iciar (left) and Emilio (right) in the picture. Iciar got one of the Pliva prizes to the best student presentation

Congratulations!!! Iciar Uriarte got a FPU grant

Iciar Uriarte got a grant of Formación del Profesorado Universitario (FPU) program. This national grant has a duration of 4 years and she will be able to enjoy several international stances during her Ph. D. thesis.

Foto Iciar Uriarte

Iker León got a Juan de la Cierva contract

Iker León got a Juan de la Cierva fellowship (3-years contract) and he is moving to Barcelona to work in The Institute of Photonic Sciences (ICFO) with Prof. Jens Biegert.

PCCP cover

A work on the intermolecular cluster pyridine-methane in collaboration with the group of Walther Caminati has been chosen as cover of PCCP. Methane behaves in the complex as a noble gas, binding on top of the aromatic ring. This T-shape structure contrasts with the in-plane structure of other pyridine clusters involving halomethanes.


Camila enjoys a four-month stance with us

Camila is a Ph. D. student from University of Bologne working with Sonia Melandri. She arrived in April at Bilbao and she had joined at MW reserach line. She will work with us for 4 months.2014-04-27 11.01.20

Prof. Kisiel visited our lab

Prof. Zbyszek Kisiel, one of the world’s most renowned spectroscopists, visited our group in Bilbao and gave a master lecture. We were able to discuss possible collaborations in the future.

2014-03-26 14.19.27

Sevoflurane···benzene published in Angewandte

A work in collaboration with the Pate group in Virginia examined the weakly-bound cluster of sevoflurane···benzene ans was published in Angewandte Chemie. The primary interaction is a relatively strong C-H···pi hydrogen bond. The presence of additional C-H···F weak interactions hinders the six-fold symmetric internal rotation of benzene around sevoflurane. This is probably the first time that such a V6 barrier has been determined in a intermolecular complex.


Emilio J. Cocinero was invited to give a talk at Evry University

Marie-Pierre Gaigeot’s Group invited to Dr. Cocinero for four days to her laboratory. He gave a seminar at the Deparment at the Evry University, Paris, France. Emilio was able to meet with his friend Álvaro Cimas who works there now.2014-02-15 16.55.35

Emilio J. Cocinero gave a lecture in Bilbao

Emilio J. Cocinero attended and gave a oral comunication in the joint meeting between the Spanish Chemical Biology Group (GEQB), which celebrated its 2nd society meeting, and the Spanish Peptide Community that celebrated the XIV Iberian Peptide Meeting (EPI). Both events took place in Bilbao between the 4 and the 6 of February of 2014.P1050188