RSEQ Prizes 2015

The Governing Board meeting on 09.04.2015 decided to approve the proposal of the committe of the call for 2015. The winners in the various categories are:


Prof. José Luis Mascareñas Cid, Prof. Nuria López Alonso, Prof. Ruben Martin Romo, Prof. Kilian Muñiz Klein, Prof. Concepció Rovira Angulo, Prof. Felix J. Zamora Abanades, Prof. Luisa De Cola, Prof. Eva M. Hey-Hawkins, Prof. Ferenc Joó, Prof. Joao Rocha, Dr. Moses Gulías Costa, Dr. Julio Fillol Lloret, Dr. Carlos Martí Gastaldo, Dra. Rocio Ponce Ortiz and Ms. Maria Luisa Prolongo Sarria.




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