Succinic acid cover in PCCP

Showcasing research from an international collaboration of the laboratories of J.-U. Grabow, D. McNaughton. and E. J. Cocinero was highlighted by PCCP journal as cover. Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 2015,17, 19726-19734
Ac_Succinico_PCCP_2015The torsional freedom of the carbon backbone and hydroxyl groups of succinic acid, an important platform chemical finding numerous industrial applications as well as being the focus of considerable research in atmospheric science, is elucidated. The question of the potential presence of numerous conformers is answered by an unambiguous identification of the structural and molecular properties using microwave and millimeter wave spectroscopy. The precise spectroscopic data provides evidence that the anomalous tendency of “folding the methylene unit” is favoured.


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