XII SIJ Barcelona

From 3 to 6 November 2015, Barcelona hosted the 12th edition of the Symposium of Young Researchers of Sigma-Aldrich RSEQ (XII-SIJ). As every year, the conference is aimed at researchers in all areas of chemistry under 40 years, it aims to encourage the dissemination of research by young chemists, encourage the creation of research networks among young people and encourage interdisciplinary of chemistry XXI century.

The symposium was held in the heart of Barcelona and attendees were able to enjoy both the scientific level of the talks and the visit to the city of Barcelona during the first evening of the conference.

In addition, during the symposium prizes Sigma-Aldrich RSEQ this year has been awarded to doctors Gulías Moses Costa (University of Santiago de Compostela), Julio Fillol Lloret (Catalan Institute of Chemical Research), Carlos Martí Gastaldo (University are delivered Valencia) and Rocio Ortiz Ponce (Universidad de Málaga). They have also been granted the SusChem-MESTRELAB-JIQ Dr. Antonio Jesús Martínez Martínez (University of Strathclyde), awards in the category postdoc; Cayetana Zarate and Saez (Catalan Institute of Chemical Research) in predoc category. Emilio J. Cocinero (oral communication) and Montse (flash communication) contributed at the meeting.



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