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Jon Hougen in Bilbao!!!

Prof. Jon T. Hougen (NIST, USA) is one the most recognized researchers in the molecular spectroscopy field. His interests are Quantum mechanical and group theoretical calculations of quantities of molecular spectroscopic interest for various cases of interaction between rotational, vibrational and electronic motion, with particular emphasis on rotational energy levels and rotational line intensities.

John gave a wonderful talk titled “A New Hybrid Program for Fitting the MW Spectra of Methylamine-like Molecules”. We have the opportunity to change some ideas.

2015-05-04 12.04.30Prof. Hougen during his talk at the Univerisidad del País Vasco.


RSEQ Prizes 2015

The Governing Board meeting on 09.04.2015 decided to approve the proposal of the committe of the call for 2015. The winners in the various categories are:


Prof. José Luis Mascareñas Cid, Prof. Nuria López Alonso, Prof. Ruben Martin Romo, Prof. Kilian Muñiz Klein, Prof. Concepció Rovira Angulo, Prof. Felix J. Zamora Abanades, Prof. Luisa De Cola, Prof. Eva M. Hey-Hawkins, Prof. Ferenc Joó, Prof. Joao Rocha, Dr. Moses Gulías Costa, Dr. Julio Fillol Lloret, Dr. Carlos Martí Gastaldo, Dra. Rocio Ponce Ortiz and Ms. Maria Luisa Prolongo Sarria.




More information in the this link

The Spanish Ministry funded MW project of group.


The project “Estudio de sistemas biológicos y atmosféricos por Espectroscopía láser y de microondas de alta resolución” led by Francisco J. Basterretxea and Emilio J. Cocinero was funded by Spanish Ministry (MINECO). This project will address future experiments. Additionally,  MINECO  granted this project with a Ph. D student (FPI grant).

British scientist Prof. Ben Davis gave talks in Bilbao on the influence of carbohydrates in diseases

The scientist at the University of Oxford Prof. Ben Davis, an expert in the study of the effects of carbohydrates and proteins in disease development, gave a presentation entitled “The World is made of sugar and dirt”.

Professor Davis has focused his career on the border between chemistry, biology and biomedicine and its work has led to the advancement of scientific knowledge, drug development, markers and probes.

In addition, Prof. Davis had the opportunity to visit our laboratory. We discussed about current and future projects.



Picture: Prof. Benjamin G. Davis giving a talk.

Pierre Çarçabal and Rolando Lozada visited our laboratory

Pierre Çarçabal and Rolando Lozada from CNRS (France) visited our laboratory after sereval attemps. Its flight was cancelled by a strike. They spent three days in Bilbao where we were able to discuss future projects and programming the next visits.IMG_3153In the picutre: Pierre Çarçabal (right), Rolando Lozana (center) and Emilio J. Cocinero  enjoy the Basque cuisine


Sonia Melandri and Camila Calabrese in Bilbao… again!!!

Sonia Melandri and Camila Calabrase (University of Bologne, Italy) visited our laboratory during one and two weeks respectively. They conducted experimental measurements in our laboratory successfully.

IMG_2325Camila, Emilio and the rest of the Group in a barbacue.



Iciar Uriarte, Marta Fernández, Virginia Ovejas, Jorge González, Jone Garate, Pedro Arnaiz and Monste Vallejo presented six oral communications and a posterat the VII Meeting of Young Researchers in Atomic & Molecular in Physics. The event was organized by the University of Jaen (March 18-20) and is a great opportunity for young Ph.D. and postdocs to meet and share research experiences (without their bosses…). The meeting was dedicated by Dr.Alberto Garcia-Vela, president of the GEFAM, the group of Atomic and Molecular Physics of the Spanish Societies of Chemistry (RSEQ)and Physics (RSEF). The participants in Jaen are shown in the picture below. IMG_0775

Succinic acid cover in PCCP

Showcasing research from an international collaboration of the laboratories of J.-U. Grabow, D. McNaughton. and E. J. Cocinero was highlighted by PCCP journal as cover. Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 2015,17, 19726-19734
Ac_Succinico_PCCP_2015The torsional freedom of the carbon backbone and hydroxyl groups of succinic acid, an important platform chemical finding numerous industrial applications as well as being the focus of considerable research in atmospheric science, is elucidated. The question of the potential presence of numerous conformers is answered by an unambiguous identification of the structural and molecular properties using microwave and millimeter wave spectroscopy. The precise spectroscopic data provides evidence that the anomalous tendency of “folding the methylene unit” is favoured.


CF3Cl···H2CO complex published in Chemistry A – European Journal

Internal dynamics in halogen bonded adducts was studied by microwave spectroscopy of chlorotrifluoromethane – formaldehyde complex.

The interesting chemical aspect of this complex is that the two constituting molecules are held together by a halogen bond. The interesting spectroscopic aspects are the features of two large amplitude motions occurring in the complex: the almost free internal rotation of the CF3 top and the low barrier to internal of CH2O.

All this work was published Chemistry A – European Journal.



Emilio J. Cocinero gets the Flygare Award Lecture for his work in Chemistry

Emilio J. Cocinero, Physical Chemistry Researcher of the University of the Basque Country (UPV-EHU) was awarded with the Flygare Award Lecture to the best young researcher, for his achievements in the field of Molecular Spectroscopy.

The Flygare award, which recognizes the contributions of young scientists in this field, will be presented to Cocinero in the next edition of the International Symposium on Molecular Spectroscopy, to be held in June in Illinois (USA).

Valladolid chemist, within the framework of the Conference, will give a lecture on “Elucidating Structures of Carbohydrates by High Resolution Spectroscopies”.

More information in this link.


Photo: Emilio J. Cocinero in front of Microwave spectrometer.

Emilio J. Cocinero is elected president of JIQ

During XI Simposio de Investigadores Jóvenes RSEQ – Sigma Aldrich ended up voting to elect the new Board of the Specialized Group of Young Chemist Researchers (JIQ), Emilio J. Cocinero will be the new President and Board is composed of:


PRESIDENT: Emilio J. Cocinero Pérez (UPV-EHU)

VICEPRESIDENT: Rafael Juárez Martin (URJC)

VICEPRESIDENT: Ceballos Jesus Torres (URJC)

SECRETARY: Fernando Gomollón Bel (ISQCH, CSIC-UZ)

TREASURER: Maria del Carmen Ruiz Delgado (UMA)

VOCAL: Arantzazu Gonzalez Campo (ICMAB)

VOCAL: Pau Farràs (Newcastle University)

VOCAL: Belén Fernández López (UGR)

VOCAL: Silvia Cabrera Herranz (UAM)

VOCAL: Montserrat Lopez Vallejo (UVA)

VOCAL: Adrian Bogeat Barroso (UNEX)

VOCAL: Maria Dolores Lopez Bueno (ICMAB)

CocineroPhoto: Emilio J. Cocinero, new Presiendent of JIQ


Jens-Uwe Grabow and Sonia Melandri gave two talks

Prof. Jens-Uwe Grabow  (University of Hannover) and Sonia Melandri (University of Bologne) gave two great talks at the Physichal Chemistry Department. We could enjoy of their visits for one week.

Monste got her Ph. D. dissertation

Congratulations to Montserrat Vallejo-López, who passed her Ph.D. dissertation with top qualifications last September 26. The evaluation committee included J.-U. Grabow (Hannover), S. Melandri (Bologna), J. A. Fernández (Bilbao), J. L. Domenech (CSIC-Madrid) and S. Blanco (Valladolid). Montse spent the last four years In Valladolid. She did sevaral visits to Bilbao and left a great impression. Good luck for the future!


Iciar, Monste, Alberto and Emilio in HRMS2014 – Bologna

The High-Resolution Molecular Spectroscopy (HRMS2014) meeting in Bologna was a success, with more attendants than ever. Congratulations to Prof. Walther Caminati and his team for the organization of this event. Alberto Lesarri and gave a plenary talk. Montse Vallejo, Iciar Uriarte and Emilio J. Cocinero also gave talks. Iciar got one of the Pliva prizes to the best student presentation. Several other Spanish researchers attended the meeting. Next conference will be organized by Prof. Urban in Prague in 2016 (August 30th-September 3rd, 2016).


Iciar (left) and Emilio (right) in the picture. Iciar got one of the Pliva prizes to the best student presentation